Vintage cool bag with cute 70s flower pattern - Spacious insulated lunch bag - Green, white, blue and brown flowers - Perfect for a picnic!

This insulated lunch bag is just perfect for organising a picnic! It is spacious, so you can pack quite a lot of stuff in it. Of course you should remember to put some ice packs in it if you want to cool things, but also frozen things will keep cool a lot longer as do warm things.
It is also great for transporting a large amount of cold beer cans or bottles around, or to just go shopping frozen foods and not have to worry about getting them home in time (of course you shouldn't dillydally too much, still).

This cool bag was made presumabely made in the 70s or early 80s, and is printed all over with a cute flower pattern in green, blue, brown and white colors. It is closable with a zipper and, as said, quite spacious, so you can store a lot of stuff in it! As it was made by a synthetic plastic fabric, it is waterproof to some degree and you can easily clean it, should something produce stains on the in- or outside.

The condition is very good, with only small signs of age use.

Dimensions: ca. 29 cm width, ca. 33 cm height, ca. 13 cm depth, ca. 320 g weight.
38 EUR