Vintage hippie leather handbag No2 - Reddish brown 60s/70s - Indian ornamentation style with straps and compartments

This beautiful handbag is made out of leather, and was likely made in the 60s or 70s. It's main color is a medium-dark, slightly reddish brown. It is richly adorned with Indian (Native American) ornaments in black, white and brown, giving the handbag quite a "Hippie" look.
Medium-large in size, it can actually hold more than it looks like as the lid can be folded upwards to extend the bag (see pictures). It consists of the large main compartment, a second medium-large back compartment and a little extra pouch on the front, which can itself be closed with a knotted leather strap.

The condition is very good, just like new.
See pictures for details!

Dimensions: ca. 27 cm height (closed), ca. 36,5 cm (unfolded), ca. 32 cm width, ca. 6,5 cm depth.
42 EUR