Vintage metal bedwarmer - German veteran hot-water bottle 30s 40s - Football shaped classic bed warmer for hot water

This is an classic, vintage bedwarmer, used until maybe the middle of last century, since maybe at least the middle of the century before!
It consists of a football-shaped, hollow metal container, in which hot water will be filled. After sealing the bedwarmer, you can shove it under the duvet, and when entering the bed a little later it will be homely and pre-warmed. Tried and tested!
This bedwarmer was made in the 1930s or 1940s, possibly earlier. It was likely used during WW2, but survived those grim days in good shape.

The bedwarmer is in pretty good condition, with only a few signs of age and use (such as a bit of rust on the filler neck). See pictures for details!

Dimensions: ca. 16 cm height, ca. 27 cm length, ca. 19 cm width, ca. 700 g weight.
28 EUR