Vintage mini photo album with fake leather cover - Golden Bamboo pattern, beautiful and unused 50s 60s picture book in small frame format

Here's a rare and special gem: a beautiful and really cute miniature photo album, clad in a fake leather binding with an impressed golden bamboo pattern.
It was likely made in the 50s or 60s and features a small & wide frame format for putting pictures in. You can slip the pictures in from the upper side of the pages, so it is exchangeable and not set in stone what pictures you'll use.
And the best part of it? It has never been used! So if you have some analogue photos you always wanted to put into an album, either for yourself or as a gift to someone close to you, this is just perfect.

The photo album's condition is very good, with only minor signs of age or storage on the back. Please see pictures for more details!

Dimensions: Width ca. 12 cm,  height ca. 9 cm, depth ca. depth 2,5 cm, weight ca. 90 g.
26 EUR