Vintage red miniature dictionary travel pack German - English, Italian, French - 3 little books in slim case, 50s 60s wordbook collection set

These 3 little books can be a real lifesaver! If you like to travel, then these little helpers can be used without the need for batteries, typing and internet. They're miniature dictionaries, they're red, and they come in a cute little travel case!
They're covering one language each, English, Italian and French. Translation direction is from German into another language, so this will be most handy if you're going to Germany or if you're coming from Germany, obviously. They were likely made in Germany during the 1950s or 1960s.

The condition is ok for its age. There are several crinkles and crackles, but nothing is missing or broken. It's just a vintage item that has been used and is nearly 70 years old. Please see pictures for more details!

Dimensions box: Width ca. 12 cm,  height ca. 5,5 cm, depth ca. depth 2 cm, total weight ca. 1000 g.
Dimensions per book: Width ca. 3,5 cm, height ca. 5 cm, depth ca. depth 1,5 cm.
25 EUR