Vintage washbag with classic 70s checkered tartan pattern - Spacious toilet bag for travel or home bathroom burberry style in green, beige and brown velvet

This washbag was made presumabely made in the 70s, and is made from green, beige and brown checkered velvet in a Burberry or Tartan design style.
It is closable with a zipper and quite spacious, so you can store a lot of stuff in it! The inside is made from a synthetic plastic fabric, so it is waterproof and you can easily clean it should something produce stains. The outside is clad in a fabric similar to velvet, with a fuzzy fluffy feel.
Perfect to store your cosmetics and bathroom accessories in it, either for your home bathroom or for taking them with you on your travels.

The condition is very good, with only small signs of use. 

Dimensions: ca. 28 cm lenght, ca. 22 cm height, ca. 8 cm depth, ca. 195 g weight.
28 EUR