Vintage 1980s water kettle - Perfect and impressive 80s design - Geometric shapes and primary colours in Kandinsky or Mondrian influenced comic style

This vintage water kettle pot was made by an unknown, likely German manufacturer and has a pure and flashy 80s geometric design. It features an almost stereotypical, iconic mix of colours, shapes and contrasts known by artists like Kandinsky or Mondrian, simplified into an expressive comic style.
The round body features black geometric elements, such as the handle and the spout. It is painted with geometrical shapes in primary colours, for instance blue lines, a red triangle and a yellow circle. This kettle is a beautiful design item, it's a pity that the manufacturer hasn't left a mark, as we're pretty sure that it was made by a renowned designer. Nonetheless, it is a real looker!

The pot is in used but good condition. There are a few scratches on the outside, nothing wild, but it does look used. It does look used on the inside, too, as boiling water has led to several marks on the kettle base. Apart of these signs of age and use, the kettle is complete and working.
Please see the pictures for details!

Dimensions: ca. 18 cm height, ca. 25 cm length, ca. 17cm diameter, ca. 860g weight.
53 EUR