Beautiful three-coloured woodblock print, vintage and framed - Japanese or Chinese scenery with people watching the sea - Three colors picture painting in golden wooden frame - Asian block printing art, Japan China 70s 80s

This beautiful three-colour block print shows an Asian scenery, where people (women and a man) watch the sea from a balcony. We guess it was done in Japan, but it might as well be from China. It was done by an unkown artist, possibly in the 1970s or 1980s. Please note that it might also be a reproduction and no original print, we're not sure as it is not easy to discern.
The picture is already set in a gold-coloured wooden frame with a glass pane.

It is in very good condition, only the etching paper is a little bit yellowed over time and there are a few small scuffs on the frame. Please see the pictures for details.

Dimensions: Height: ca. 34,5 cm, width: 41,5 cm, weight: 1500 g.

41 EUR